There is peace
in the absence of everything
where the pain is lifted
with the weight of your voice
and the sound of strings
with hammers and felt
that carry me to heaven.

I am wrapped in robes
swaddled like a child.
There is warmth,
as if the sun herself
has enveloped me
in her golden rays.

The fire grows calm
not faint nor dying
but instead just calm
and freed of the violence
that a fire often spurs.
Deep inside there is purpose
that is longing to be found.

Higher and higher
my soul is floating
until it breaches the sky
to where blue becomes black
and my wounds are all healed.

Then, suddenly, I am back
here on earth with the sea
and the leaves that sway gently.
Nothing has changed but the color of the sky
and yet my body feels much lighter.

And I still feel the fire
as it burns so quietly
like the bright crimson blur
of a small fox in the woods.
To the bright blue sky, I nod
because there is space for me here
and there always was
despite, for just a moment,
I felt as if there wasn’t.