The Ocean

[travel journal excerpt, 18/5/16]

On the beach in Bali, I took my new phone out to snap some pictures of the view.  I didn’t have the time to really spend more than fifteen or twenty minutes, so it was just enough time for a few good pictures.
I stood about 25 feet from the shoreline and brought my phone up to position.  As I took a panoramic photo, the ocean suddenly rushed towards me.  The water rushed past my ankles as if coming to meet me specifically.  I stepped back, feeling somewhat afraid.  It felt as if the ocean, empowered with a will, was trying to pull me in as it had pulled my previous phone from me just a few days ago.  It felt alive, and I was overwhelmed.
The bubbling waves called out to me, the sound of its foamy current sizzling in the perfect air.  All I could hear was the ocean, beckoning to me with its great, strange power.  In awe, I fell to my knees and thanked the universe for my existence.

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