Impressions of America, Abroad

Last year, I traveled around the world; sometimes I would write things down.  Coming from the USA  certainly had a tremendous impact on my travels and the way I experienced things.  Below are some comments about the United States and being American that came up in conversation with different people I met.  Some were volunteered and some were prompted, some are positive and some are negative, but they’re all sincere.  And that’s what I appreciated the most.

I’m someone who is always questioning myself and who I am as a person.  I think this is important to become the best possible version of myself.  In the same way, I think it’s good for people to question where they’re from and what their country is before celebrating it.

I’ve replaced people’s names with the place where they’re from, and I’ve added a picture I took of that place.  Note that these quotes are all between March and July 2016.

The US is a very nice place with lots of problems.  -Berlin Germany
I can never go to the United States.  It is too dangerous.  -Gifu Japan
IMG_20160624_165640 (1).jpg
When I was younger, I really wanted to go to the US and live there.  But now, I would never.  It’s a scary place, no?  And now, maybe Trump can launch an atomic bomb haha.  -Berlin Germany
Americans are great people, but I don’t like the United States.  They’re crazy over there, really crazy.  You best stay here in Italy.  -Tropea Italy
Americans have this amazing quality where at any point in their lives, they can completely change.  – Berlin Germany
The United States is a good place for money – that’s what your grandfather used to say.  But as they were filling him with drugs and killing him at the hospital, he begged to return to Italy.  America has a sickness, and I don’t like it.  -Ricadi Italy
IMG_2735 (2).JPG
Here in Cambodia, we are poor.  But we have food, we have shelter.  There are children in the world who do not even have these things.  I wish that if you have money to give, that you would give it to those people.  -Siem Reap Cambodia

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