Life on Earth

Of all the things I love and hate about New York City, it’s actually the people I will miss the most – the throngs of bustling, rude people that I loathe to swim through each day.  When I stop, for a moment, and look upon the sea of faces of a crowded bus or a busy park, I see a rainbow of faces.  There are people in the world who would grow anxious, afraid, and even angry at seeing faces that are entirely unrecognizable – faces that are different.  But I can’t imagine a forest where every tree is the same or a sky where every cloud adheres to the same shape.

I believe that what makes Earth so powerful and so precious is the diversity of everything.  I recognize that even things that I perceive as bad or threatening are important because they offer something different than the rest.  The faces of New York, when you stop and think about it, are a reminder of this balance.  I wish that all people on Earth, at some point in this life as a human, have just one moment of clarity where they realize that they are special because they are each a unique development of mankind.  And I wish, that through this realization, they realize that each and every other person on earth is special for that same reason.  This fundamental concept, I believe, is the most valuable tenet of our existence.  The sooner that humans can learn this, the faster Earth will process towards a new and enlightened world that is predicated upon coexistence and cooperation.